Broken Resolutions

“But before that glorious day my hours passed in a fog of frozen hell. I had no idea all those years later that the despair I fled in the wake of the deaths would eventually wreak so much havoc in my subconscious, and subtlety weave it’s way into my whole view of the world. It was as if I was wearing those Roddy Roddy Piper glasses in They Live- but instead of seeing aliens my eyes were clouded lenses of tragedy and fear.

Patrick Bernard is a writer, DJ, and the Lebron James of the blog game. He has MFA in Creative Non-Fiction, and his writing explores everything from coping with death, mental health issues, professional wrestling, music, recovery, suicide, trauma, cam models, obscure kraut/psyche rock bands, murder, house music, weirdos, gratitude, and train bums. He currently lives in New Hampshire where he works with the kids in a middle school.