Built For This

My loyal readers I know I been absent. In the past five months you might have feared I ventured back to my demons; but alas worry not- because since August 10 my days have been full of progress, acceptance, a complete overhaul and cut back on meds, some weed smoking, no fucking alcohol, and actual happiness. I was finally able to visit my sister’s grave on the anniversary this past October for the first time since the funeral in 2004.

Fresh fade and yes your boy is ohh so handsome .

And for once my soul feels uncluttered of the albatross of anger and depression that had imprisioned my ability to truly perceive life for what it truly could be. When you are under the intoxication that is depression your world view becomes severely skewed. Now I feel so disconnected from those past years- as if those last 12 years of memories were of some doppelgänger- my own Twin Peaks Bob- as they are only remembered as securely as an etch-a-sketch drawing.

Luckily, like Cormega before me, I was built for this.

And what this is was surviving and thriving in 2020. I know people went crazy being lockdown in one spot- but damn you know how much practice I have had in similar situations? For all my time in pysch hospitals I became very good at thriving in situations isolated from the world. ( A bit too comfortable in those environments one might say-progress son!) Plus through the opaque window of the previous bleakness not having to deal with the outside world was a welcomed relief. But as my outlook has become much brighter I decided on how to make myself even better in 2021- you know to keep my growth going. So I have put my trust into four dudes who have had some great success. That’s right I am living 2021 under the guidance of Gucci Mane, Tom Brady, and Desus & Mero. My textbooks will be The Gucci Mane Book of Greatness, The TB 12 Method, and Knowledge Darts from the Bronx. I will combine these philosophies with my own to bring you a weirdo blend of self progress! I am saying yesterday I drank 22 glasses of water. Tommy was proud.

Anyway a lot of things happening in the 2021 including a whole revamped whyareyoubooingme.com, a new mix, and a whole lot more here on my journey to greatness. So make sure you keep checking back because I am about to do it as big as the noose that should be around Trump’s neck right about now.

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