Polar Past

It’s been about a week since I got out the ward. And as this morning air brings a cold front of frigid crucified breaths vanishing into the sky; seemingly forever lost in the frozen clouds above like the relationships of my past that are too fractured to ever be put back together again. As I recover I have to make time to be grateful for those that stuck by me in life. The one’s who saw me at my worst, and still loved me until I could finally figure out someway to try to love myself. I am still learning to try to always reach out to because isolation is the devil’s entryway into my soul. So today to ensure my soul won’t be frigid like the polar air outside I am going to embrace the fire and warmth found in my belly; and from that keep going forward even with my heart as heavy as an army rucksack, and that march ahead of me still ever so endless.

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